Through the provision of a resources and maintained facility with a friendly, happy and safe working environment, it is the faculty’s aim to provide a worthwhile technology experience where every student can reach their full potential. Technology is a subject that has the capacity to provide a wide range of skills that are invaluable in our increasingly technological society. Through the depth and breadth of its work it has an unrivalled capacity to bridge other curriculum subjects in addition to providing a real life context in which most skills can be taught.


Regardless of whether our students intend to pursue technology as a subject beyond either Year 9 or GCSE level, it is hoped that the communication, manufacturing, lateral-thinking and planning skills that they have developed will have a significant and positive impact on all subsequent work. Demonstrating the value of a designer’s approach to solving real problems is a fundamental aim.


Key Stage 3


Key Stage 3 Resistant Materials
Students are introduced to Resistant Materials by designing and making various products. These projects are designed to help students become accustomed to using various tools in the workshop and are excellent experience for the following years.


Key Stage 3 Graphic Products
Students are introduced to graphics by improving both their hand drawing and designing skills, as well as making graphic products.


Key Stage 3 Food and Textiles Technology
The emphasis in Year 7 is on carrying out subject specific skills and focused practical tasks using a wide range of materials and components. All students are taught about the importance of nutrition and healthy eating.


The aim is to encourage students to gain confidence in the use of various materials. Students are encouraged to demonstrate safety and accuracy and develop their understanding of the tools, techniques and processes used. Within the curriculum the emphasis is on gaining practical and design skills. These are expanded in further visits to the different areas during Years 8 and 9. In Year 9 students specialise in two chosen Technology subjects.


Key Stage 4


GCSE Resistant Materials and Graphic Products
In Year 10 and 11, students have the opportunity to use the skills gained at Key Stage 3 to work on their GCSE design and make project. Most students produce work which is both beneficial and useful in everyday life.


GCSE Food Technology /Textiles Technology
In Year 10, both Textiles and Food Technology are introduced with a warm-up project in order to equip students’ knowledge in industrial practices and prepare for their GCSE.


Key Stage 5


We offer various Key Stage 5 subjects such as A level Product Design, where students have the opportunity to use the skills gained at Key Stage 4 to work on detailed design and make projects. Most students will produce high quality coursework with a practical outcome which meets a specific need in the market.