Copland Community School


The basic function of the Governing Body is to determine the school's main policies. These policies are then implemented by the Headteacher who is in charge of the day-to-day running of the school and answerable to the Governors. The Governing Body is made up of the parents of past and present children at Copland School. It consists of six men and four women. The appointment and dismissal of the headteacher is a matter for the governors. The governors also hear appeals from parents whose children have been expelled from the school for disciplinary reasons.

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Design Technology

Through the provision of a resources and maintained facility with a friendly, happy and safe working environment, it is the faculty’s aim to provide a worthwhile technology experience where every student can reach their full potential. Technology is a subject that has the capacity to provide a wide range of skills that are invaluable in our increasingly technological society. Through the depth and breadth of its work it has an unrivalled capacity to bridge other curriculum subjects in addition to providing a real life context in which most skills can be taught.

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Why should you send your children to Copland School? Because we are in the top 10% on the school league table for exam results. Our last Ofsted report found that we had a "very high standard of teaching" and that "pupils are upbeat and engaged". We believe that teacher-parent communication is of great importance, which is why we have three open evenings each academic year; one in each term. Each week we send our children home with report cards for all subjects, so that you can constantly monitor your child's progress.

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The school is reviewing student needs against current provision , focusing upon developing diversity and flexibility within the 14-19 curriculum. Copland School has a proven tradition of very strong and successful teaching, together with an inclusive care, guidance and support system.

Throughout this website we have endeavored to capture the spirit of the school, but to fully appreciate what we offer, we do encourage you to visit us. We want our students and their parents to have high expectations too!

Each spring we have a sports day. Pupils compete against each other in running, long-jumping, tugs-of-war, and many other games and sports. Every winter we have a Christmas nativity play. Students do not have to take part in this if they are from families with alternative faith backgrounds. Every Easter we have a harvest day when pupils can bring food from their homes to be donated to the poor. Parents are encouraged to come and support their children at these events.

We have a football team, a rugby team, and a girl’s netball team. These teams are part of Middlesex sports teams and compete against pupils from other local schools on a regular basis. We aim for our sports teams to be a form of education to our pupils. They teach them things such as: work hard, keep healthy, be competitive, work in teams, respect rules.

The aims of the Calleva Research Centre are to investigate key questions about the origins, development, causes and functions of human behaviour by bridging the humanities, and the social, cognitive, and biological sciences in an evolutionary framework. The Centre's work is embodied through successive three-year interdisciplinary research programmes that draw on unique collaborations between Magdalen Fellows working in these diverse fields.

We have a scholarship partner, Discovery Learning, who provide a free level 3 personal trainer course to one pupil from our school each year, who we select because we feel they have demonstrated sporting talent and shown enthusiasm towards their education.